Creating a better lifestyle  with wood

Our Philosophy

For a long time, humans have been living in harmony with nature and using the benefits of wood for living spaces. But in the rush for more material wealth, people have lost sight of what is truly beneficial—at great loss to the environment.

At Eidai, we believe that real wealth is in realizing a better lifestyle with wood. We believe this is only achievable after establishing a sustainable society that coexists with the global environment.

We will continue to contribute to the realization of a wealthy, sustainable society through close partnership with people, communities, and the Earth.

Our Efforts

  • Together with the Earth

    We develop our business through the adoption of three unbreakable principles: use trees from sustainable forests, use wood without waste, and recycle forest resources. By adhering to these foundations, we develop environmentally-considerate products and contribute to a wealthy, sustainable society.

  • Together with Communities

    We help to create comfortable living environments with products that are safe and user-friendly for people of all generations. As a responsible member of the international community, we seek to help local communities thrive by respecting local diversity, providing employment opportunities, and supplying top quality products.

  • Together with People

    In order to propel Eidai to long-lasting, continuous success, we seek to build a corporate culture in which we can both develop talented personnel, and allow our diverse workforce to apply their unique strengths. Through the provision of safe and secure products, we contribute to richer, more comfortable lifestyles for all.

Our Business

We endeavor to improve living environments and realize a sustainable society through our environmental creation business.

At Eidai, we continue to care for the environment, and use sustainably harvested wood resources, to ensure that our products are safe and secure for you and the Earth.

Company Profile

Name Eidai Co., Ltd.
Representative Nobuhiro Shien, President and Representative Director
Head Office 10-60, 2-Chome, Hirabayashiminami,
Suminoe-ku, Osaka 559-8658, Japan
Founded July 29, 1946
Capital 3,285.3 million yen
Business Manufacture and sale of residential building materials and wooden boards
Fiscal period April 1 to March 31

Year ended March 31, 2018

Sales Consolidated: 66.9 billion yen
Non-consolidated: 64.6 billion yen
Employees Consolidated: 1,401
Non-consolidated: 970


  • Eidai Onahama Co., Ltd. (Iwaki City, Fukushima)
  • Eidai Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Hà Nam, Vietnam)
  • PT. Eidai Industries Indonesia (Bekasi, Indonesia)
  • Eidai Staff Service Co., Ltd. (Suminoe-ku, Osaka)
  • Eidai Techno Support Co., Ltd. (Suminoe-ku, Osaka)
  • N&E CO., LTD. (Komatsushima City, Tokushima)


  • July 1946Founded in Osaka, manufacturing and selling plywood as materials for post-war reconstruction
  • April 1964Opened Tsuruga Operating Site in Fukui
    (currently produces flooring, interior staircases, and particle board)
  • August 1964Opened the predecessor to the Osaka Operating Site in Osaka
    (currently produces interior doors, interior fittings, and storage units)
  • November 1967Established the predecessor to Eidai Onahama Co., Ltd. in Fukushima (started operations in May 1968)
    (currently produces interior staircases, interior doors, fittings, storage units, and particle board)
  • March 1968Established the predecessor to the Yamaguchi-Hirao Operating Site in Yamaguchi
    (currently produces flooring and particle board)
  • December 1973Opened the predecessor to the Osaka Kitchen and Bathroom System Factory in Osaka
  • April 1995Established a joint venture, N&E CO., LTD., in Tokushima, to manufacture medium-density fiberboard
  • February 2000Turuga Operating Site obtained ISO 14001 certification. Following it, Osaka and Yamaguchi-Hirao Operating Site also obtained the certification. Then, the certification was unified.
  • July 2001Turuga Operating Site obtained ISO 9001 certification. Following it, Osaka and Yamaguchi-Hirao Operating Site also obtained the certification. Then, the certification was unified.
  • February 2007Shares listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • June 2011Established Eidai Vietnam Co., Ltd. to produce residential building materials
  • December 2011Shares designated to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • May 2015Opened representative office in Jakarta to conduct market research
  • September 2017Established EDI (PT. Eidai Industries Indonesia)

Our Network

  • Indonesia

    PT. Eidai Industries Indonesia

    Japanese SME's Center, Jl.Kenari Raya Blok G6-01 Kav.23D,
    Delta Silicon6, Lippo Cikarang Bekasi 17530
    (Function: Manufacturing and Marketing)

  • Vietnam

    Eidai Vietnam Co., Ltd.

    Dong Van II Industrial Zone, Bach Thuong Commune,
    Duy Tien Dist, Ha Nam, Vietnam
    (Function: Manufacturing)

  • Japan

    Eidai Co., Ltd.

    Product Division
    Overseas Business Department
    10-60, 2-Chome, Hirabayashiminami, Suminoe-ku,
    Osaka 559-8658, Japan
    (Function: Market research)


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Masahito Daido
President and Representative Director

Pursuing Business Area Expansion while Strengthening Our Core Competencies

At Eidai, our quest is to provide quality flooring, internal doors, and wooden boards used as base materials, and to develop innovative kitchen systems. As a comprehensive manufacturer of housing materials, we help to create comfortable living spaces.

The Japanese economy continued its gradual recovery as corporate revenues and employment improved, but the outlook remains unclear. In the housing industry, low mortgage interest rates and government assistance for home buyers underpinned solid demand for housing in fiscal 2017.

In this environment, we at Eidai have endeavored to expand the foundation of our housing material business by strengthening sales to the housing industry, while forging new paths in sectors other than housing, such as kindergartens and nursery school construction. Outside of Japan, the incorporation of PT. Eidai Industries Indonesia—a new subsidiary that will concentrate on the manufacture and sale of kitchens, storage systems, and interior doors—is complete and we are now preparing to begin operations in fiscal 2018. Elsewhere, a range of efforts have been implemented to bring further improvements. These include constant enhancements to production facilities, adoption of the EDnet+ online sales ordering system, and intensifying integration of our construction estimation services. Our aims in pursuing these are to improve work efficiency across the board, from manufacturing to marketing, to boost productivity through greater transparency, and to revamp working practices for the better.

Moving forward, Japan’s declining population and changing family structure pose mid-to-long-range challenges for the housing industry, not the least of which is the inevitable drop in the number of new house builds. At Eidai, we are pivoting away from reliance on new-home business to a structure that enables us to develop products that differentiate ourselves from other companies and bring them to market quickly. Furthermore, we continue to seek new opportunities outside of the housing industry, and are working hard to bolster our overseas operations.

As part of our commitment to environmental conservation, we continue working to ensure a stable supply of materials that meets our policy of procuring only from suppliers that meet the requirements for wood-related business operators under the “Clean Wood Act” (the Act on Promotion of Use and Distribution of Legally Harvested Wood and Wood Products). The aforementioned improvements to working practices are aimed not only at achieving productivity enhancements through rationalization, but also at attracting a broader range of skills and values to our workforce, thereby strengthening the company overall.

Above all, we at Eidai remain devoted to earning and maintaining public trust by providing better products and services. We all look forward to your ongoing support and understanding.

June 2018
Masahito Daido
President and Representative Director

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Flooring and Staircases

Through the careful selection of raw materials, we develop environmentally-considerate products.

Using wood resources from sustainable forests, we develop and produce environmentally-considerate products such as flooring and interior staircase sets. Moreover, our unique, advanced technologies enable us to install high quality products like heated flooring and sound-proof flooring that ensure long-lasting comfort in mid-rise and high-rise apartment blocks.

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Interior Doors and Storage Systems

Realizing state-of-the-art designs and quick delivery.

We strive to anticipate trends and offer consumers the latest designs for interior doors, closets, and shoe storage units. But it’s not good enough to just look good; we have an extensive range of products that are designed for easy installation and operation, too.

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Kitchen and Bathroom Systems

Offering easy-to-use kitchen and bathroom products through our stainless-steel processing technology.

Stainless steel is the ideal material for kitchens and bathrooms, and our unique processing technologies make for highly functional system kitchens convenient for water use that last long and look great.

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Particle Board

As one of Japan’s leading manufacturers, we create superior particle board while promoting the effective use of forest resources.

Particle board is a dimensionally-stable material that does not suffer from the warping typical of timber. As one of Japan’s largest particle board producers, we can recover and recycle more wood products, thus using resources more efficiently than most. Recycling materials in this way contributes to carbon fixation and thereby boosts environmental protection efforts.

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